El Cerrito

Welcome to El Cerrito!

The time is ripe to open up shop and put down roots in El Cerrito.

El Cerrito is a small city with big city tastes eager to welcome new businesses to its growing, changing, easily accessed commercial neighborhoods.  It is an evolving City with a unique blend of well-established residential neighborhoods and growth of multifamily residences along San Pablo Avenue that are welcoming new families and residents of all ages. The commercial districts are extremely accessible, served by two BART stations, the Ohlone Greenway, San Pablo Avenue and Interstates 80 and 580.

We look forward to welcoming you to El Cerrito!

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City of El Cerrito: Bike to Wherever Days
City of El Cerrito: Bike to Wherever Days
City of El Cerrito: Bike to Wherever Days
City of El Cerrito: Bike to Wherever Days
City of El Cerrito: Bike to Wherever Days
City of El Cerrito: Bike to Wherever Days
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Why El Cerrito?

  • El Cerrito is centrally located and well served by transit, bicycle facilities, freeways (I-80 and I-580) and its proximity to bustling adjacent communities.
  • Transit: Two BART Stations and multiple AC Transit lines, including the 72 Rapid serve the commercial areas
  • Bicycle: The 2.7-mile multiuse Ohlone Greenway runs parallel to San Pablo Avenue for the length of the City providing great access bicycling and walking from all neighborhoods and adjacent cities, BART stations and the Bay Trail.  New bicycle facilities and infrastructure are being added to San Pablo Avenue as part of the City’s Complete Streets Plan.
  • Vehicle: Located along the I-80/580 corridor and San Pablo Avenue, customers from nearby and not-so-nearby neighboring cities and towns have easy access to your business. ADT (Average Daily Traffic)=17,000 to 27,000
  • Walking:  New developments have sidewalks of 14-18 ft and sidewalk dining and activity is encouraged.  Pedestrian improvements (new crosswalks, street trees and other safety improvements and amenities) are being added as a part of the city’s Complete Streets Plan (San Pablo Avenue has a “very walkable” Walkscore along its length (ranging from 77-92)
  • Complete Streets: The City is investing in transforming San Pablo Avenue into a more pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly destination and focusing on providing connections to adjacent bicycle facilities and access for all through its San Pablo Avenue Complete Streets program.

  • Established neighborhoods: With increasing numbers of people working from home, new multifamily development along the Avenue, and many new families purchasing homes, your customers are eager to be able to walk and bike to, or take a short drive to, support and enjoy their local community and businesses
  • New and growing population: Numerous multifamily developments (and a hotel!) are approved and underway adding pedestrian activity to San Pablo Avenue and housing for all income levels. New housing units have a Walkscore and Bikescore of 80 or more!
  • Transit Oriented Development at El Cerrito Plaza BART: 800+ residential units are scheduled to break ground in 2024-25 at El Cerrito Plaza BART

  • The San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan (2014) is stimulating investment and transforming the city’s historic transportation corridor into a place to live, shop, eat, work, play. 
  • New construction welcomes new residents, entrepreneurs, customers and businesses
  • New development will bring public art, public open spaces, bicycle/pedestrian amenities and new opportunities to plant your business
  • Visit the City’s webpage or development map to see construction projects planned, under construction and recently built

Housing boom in walkable areas

El Cerrito is adding more housing units along San Pablo Avenue creating vibrant destinations that serve all users who can arrive by car, bike, transit or as pedestrians.

Recently Constructed: Between 2018 – 2022, 7 new projects added 463 new housing units.

Under Construction/Coming Soon: 4 new projects are underway that will add 203 new housing units.

View the San Pablo Avenue Development Map for additional project info.

6 new projects are set
to add 500 housing units

New housing units have
walk scores of 80 or more

1 new 124 room hotel is set
to begin construction in 2023

El Cerrito is served
by 2 BART stations: El Cerrito Plaza and El Cerrito del Norte

9 miles of bike and walking greenway connect
El Cerrito to Berkeley and Albany

800 additional housing units near the El Cerrito Plaza BART
Station will be open in the next few years

Diverse Population

El Cerrito has a diverse population of people and entrepreneurs.

Bar graph of diversity breakdown

30% Asian 10% Latinx 5% Black or African American 7% Biracial 48% White

Minority-Owned Businesses

Women-Owned Businesses

Source: U.S. Census Bureau